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Alpha revels in manufacturing premium quality bidets and offering customized bidet solutions for importers, wholesalers, brand owners and online sellers, etc. Together with us, save your cost.

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Alpha manufactures superior quality non-electric bidets for cold water or warm water. We provide one-stop bidet solutions to meet your requirements, high standards, and durability, based on a fully understanding of your unique needs.

From R&D, mold development, injection molding and assembly, our bidets are manufactured in-house, so we control all aspects of quality well, and can adjust and fix up any problems timely.

Our bidet manufacturing engineers are skilled at understanding your needs and making your ideas as real products as possible, to bring you consistent quality products, durability and cost-effectiveness.

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Alpha uses high quality ABS, brass and other materials to ensure our bidets sustainable, function well and durable. By controlling cost and offer consistent quality bidets, we help develop your brand and grow your business quickly. Our aim is to improve personal hygiene and bring people a better bathroom experience.

Non-electric Bidet Toilet Seats 1101-1
Add On Bidet 8806-3
Best Portable Bidet LW2450
The Toilet Stool DZ2201-2
Toilet Bidet Attachment Parts

One-stop Customized Bidet Solutions

Want your products to be exclusive and unusual? The best option is to customize your own style of bidet.

With 15 years of sanitary ware experience and extensive knowledge, our bidet customized experts can easily translate your needs and provide tailor-made bidet solutions to make your thoughts as real products as possible.

All you have to do is express your bidet idea, provide the look you like, and choose the following features you prefer:

  • Number of nozzles

  • Color

  • For cold or warm water

  • Self-cleaning function

  • Water pressure control

  • Classic or slim design

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Why Choose Alpha?

We select only high-quality ABS and other raw materials to manufacture bidets. In addition to this, we use sophisticated Mitsubishi, Makino, Yizumi equipment and robots to ensure quality bidet manufacturing. Before packaging, all our bidets have undergone rigorous testing to check if they are functioning well and without water leakage.

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