After delivery, the mothers who are still immersed in happiness often only consider whether their babies pass the various inspections, eat & sleep well or not, but forget that they are the ones who need recovery and recuperation the most. When mom recovers well, she’ll have more energy and physical strength to take care of the baby.

Postpartum Care for Mother

Here shares 2 great postpartum care products below, we hope they will be helpful to all mothers.

1- Perineal tears recovery and care

Because the vaginal delivery will have a certain impact on our urinary system. If we do not urinate in time, it is easy to cause urinary tract infections, and seriously it will cause uterine contractions, or even uterine bleeding.

For mothers who give birth naturally, the biggest postpartum pain mainly comes from the perineum, where warm water should be sprayed before and after urinating, otherwise the urine stimulation will be quite painful.

The portable bidet peri bottle is absolutely an essential good product for woman’s postpartum care.

Before and after urinating, rinse the perineum wound with a clean bottle (filled with warm water), which is quite effective in reducing the irritation of urine to the wound, less painful, clean and hygienic.

Hospital will give a free peri bottle after delivery, but its peri bottle is not easy to aim at the wound, and it is very easy to get hands dirty when washing.

Comparing with the hospital peri bottle, the portable bidet has many advantages as below.

  • Easy to tighten with anti-slip thread.

  • Built-in anti-leakage gasket, the sealing is quite good without worrying about the leakage.

  • Extendable nozzle with 60 degree angle design, it can be well aimed at the wound. You don’t need to put your hand inside the toilet, and it can completely avoid getting your hands dirty, which is very convenient and easy to operate.
  • The water output is moderate, which can wash wound clean without pain due to too much water flow, mild and non-irritating.

Best Portable Bidet LW2450-6
Portable Bidet

Peri Bottle
Hospital Peri Bottle

2- Easy to have bowel movements

The constipation is a common problem for mothers encountering during postpartum care. It is really painful. The mothers can adjust their routine, like drinking a lot of water and eating more fiber-rich foods (grains, fruits, vegetables) , try to walk as much as possible, don’t lie in bed all day. Even if you are constipated, please don’t try too hard to avoid straining when you go to the toilet, because straining is very unfavorable for the recovery of perineal tears or cesarean scars .

And mothers can also use a doctor-recommended squatty potty aka toilet stool to help you poo.

When you have a bowel movement just sitting on the toilet, your position doesn’t help you loosen the puborectalis. The puborectalis muscle choked the rectum, then it’s not easy to empty your bowels completely.

But if you come into a squatting position(getting this position by placing our feet on a squatty potty to raise the knees higher than your hips), the puborectalis muscle is relaxed and the rectum is straight to allow poo to pass more easily. This helps your bowel movement easier and more comfortable.

Poop with toilet stool

The squatty potty aka toilet stool has many advantages as below.

  • Elevated Knees: Gently raised your knees above your hips to mimic a natual squat
  • Ergonomic Angle: Ideal foot position for maximum comfort
  • Space Saving Design: Easily tucks around your toilet while not use
  • Non-slip Feet: Rubber foot mats prevent sliding during use
The Toilet Stool DZ2201-2

While learning a lot about parenting, mothers should also understand how to regulate their own physical and mental health after childbirth. If you recover well and feel happy, you can take better care of your baby.

If you are planning to start up your bidet and toilet stool business, then you came the right place. We are an experienced manufacturer specializing in designing, producing and supplying Non-electric bidet attachment, bidet toilet seat, portable bidet, peri bottle, squatty potty and toilet stool. For any questions, please send emails to

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