We always wash our hands and body with water, why not wash our private parts with water as well? That’s why bidet was born to provide a hygienic solution to genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus. Before choosing a right bidet for your bathroom, you need to know how many types of bidets there are.

types of bidets

1- All-in-one bidet toilet combo:

It combines the function of a toilet with the wonderful features of an electric bidet.

All-in-one bidet toilet combo

Regarding bidet toilet seat, there are two types: Electric bidet toilet seat and Non-electric bidet toilet seat.

Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

2- Electric bidet toilet seat:

It replace the seat on your existing toilet bowl with many special functions such as temperature control, heated seat, warm air dryer, remote control and so on.

3- Non-electric bidet toilet seat:

It replace your current toilet seat with same basic functions as the electric bidet toilet seat, but without any fancy functions. Dual-temperature models exist that provide warm water but require connecting to your hot water supply.

Non-electric Bidet Toilet Seats 1101-1
Add On Bidet 8806-1

4- Bidet attachment:

All the bidet attachments are non-electric. It attaches to your existing toilet bowl underneath the current seat with basic washing functions. Dual-temperature models exist as well.

5- Handheld bidet:

This looks like the handheld sprayer hanged on the wall. It has only simple spray function, but easily connect to your toilet water supply line.

Handheld bidet
Standalone bidet

6- Standalone bidet:

This is an ORIGINAL bidet originated in Europe but not common in North America. It is a separate fixture usually sitting next to the toilet. It is not electric but can provide warm water by connecting to your hot water supply line.

After knowing the types of bidets, I believe you can choose a right bidet for your bathroom now.

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