Benefits of a Squatty Potty

1- How does squatty potty work?

Scientific research has shown that the healthiest angle of defecation is to keep the upper body and the thighs at 35 degrees, which is called natural squatting like animals. While sitting on the toilet, it is usually about 90 degrees. This angle is easy to block the smooth flow of the intestines, which may cause constipation, hemorrhoids, intestinal dryness and so on. So in this sense, squatting is actually a healthier way to defecate.

Natural Squatting Like Animals

But in case of using a toilet, is there any good way to have a healthier bowel movement?

Of course! The squatty potty aka toilet stool came into being. Sitting on the toilet and stepping on the special stool with your feet can make the legs and torso form a 35 degrees angle. This can relax the hip muscles and achieve the same smoothness as natural squatting.

Squatting with toilet stool

When you’re just sitting on the toilet (without a squatty potty), our position doesn’t help us relax the puborectalis. The puborectalis muscle is blocking the rectum and your poo is trying to squeeze through a small colon, so it is not easy to completely empty your bowels.

But if we go into a squatting position (using a toilet stool) , the puborectalis muscle is relaxed and the rectum is straight. This opens up your colon, making it easier and less strenuous for your bowels to release. This will help make your #2 easier and more comfortable.

2- Benefits of a squatty potty

There are many benefits of using a squatty potty as below.

  • Assistance to poop

It is very important for everyone to develop a good habit of regular defecation every day. Morning is the fastest period of the human colon peristalsis. Defecation at this time can clear the feces from the body and contribute to intestinal health.

But in daily life, many people actually do not have a smooth bowel movement, several days only once. In the long run, it will not only affect the physical function, but also may cause some anorectal diseases, such as Hemorrhoids, Constipation, Pelvic Floor Issues and Colon Disease, etc… The squatty potty is a good assistance to help them poop.

Assistance to poop
Relieve legs' numb and tired
  • Relieve legs’ numb and tired

Just sitting on the toilet too long, your legs will feel numb and tired. Squatting with toilet stool on the toilet will not pressure local blood vessels and cause poor blood circulation & local ischemia, so that you will not get numb and tired feet.

  • Supported to small baby

When going to the toilet, the toilet is too high and the baby is too small to reach the seat. Getting a squatty potty so that your baby can step on the stool and reach the seat comfortably and feel supported while having a bowel movement.

Supported to small baby
Using as footstool
  • Using as footstool

The squatty potty can be used as a footstool when your children are not tall enough and can’t reach the sink when washing their hands or when they want to take things out of their reach in high place.

  • Helpful for elderly or pregnant women

For the elderly or pregnant women who are inconvenient with their legs and feet, defecation is not an easy thing. The squatty potty can help them get a relaxed and comfortable #2.

Helpful for elderly or pregnant women

If you want to upgrade your toilet experience and looking to an easier and more comfortable #2, the squatty potty is a must trial product.

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