Bidet Attachment VS Bidet Seat

If you’re looking for an alternative to toilet paper, bidet attachment or bidet seat are both great options, but you may be wondering which is better?

Bidet attachment is a bathroom fixture installed between the toilet seat and existing toilet bowl.
The bidet seat is a plumbing fixture attached on top of the toilet, replacing the existing toilet seat.

Bidet attachment and bidet seat have their pros and cons, so let’s compare and contrast them so you know which one is right for you.

*Bidet Attachment VS Bidet Seat Comparison Table

FeatureBidet AttachmentBidet Seat
Self-cleaning NozzleYesYes
Adjustable NozzleOptional
Warm WaterOptional
Air Dryer×
Heated Seat×
Toilet Paper NeededFew SheetsNo
  • Price

Depending on the features, design, and brand, etc…the bidet seats can cost anywhere from $200 to $1000 + .

The cost of a bidet attachment is much lower than that of the bidet seat. The price generally ranges from $20 to $100+ according to the function, design and brand.

  • Function

The bidet attachment only has basic washing and self-cleaning functions.

In addition to these basic functions, the bidet seat also has advanced features such as water temperature control, memory settings, seat heating, and warm air drying.

  • Operation

The bidet attachment requires no electricity or batteries to run. You just turn or press the knob to get the washing function, which is simple and easy to operate.

The bidet seat needs to be connected to a power supply, and it often has a button-heavy operation panel on one side, or a remote control with more buttons. This undoubtedly increases the difficulty of operation for the elderly and children. If it is wrong operated, it may not be able to achieve the water spray, heating, deodorization and other effects, and may even cause the circuit failure of the product itself.

Luxury Bidet Seat
  • Toilet Fit

The bidet attachment is easy to install and fits more than 95% of the toilets.

Although the bidet seat integrates intelligence, humanization, technology and design, it is not suitable for all toilets. The bidet seat has certain restrictions on the distance from the water tank to the front end of the toilet seat and the distance between the installation holes, etc. If the size of your toilet exceeds the allowable range, the bidet seat cannot be installed smoothly.

  • Maintenance and replacement cost

The cost of bidet attachment is low, and it is cheaper to replace it with a new one if it is worn out.

As an electrical product, the bidet seat is high technological in its internal motor and integrated circuit. Once a problem occurs and the core components need to be replaced, the cost of maintenance and replacement is quite expensive.

Maintenance and replacement cost

If you are looking for an affordable bidet with basic functions, then bidet attachment is certainly a perfect choice.

However, you want to get more features and more comfortable bathroom experience, and the high price is acceptable, you can choose the bidet seat.

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