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Customize your unique bidet attachment to distinguish you from the competition, and get strong impressions and high comments from your customers.

Customize Bidet Attachment Whole Process

Looking to make your bidet attachment exclusive and unusual? Alpha help you customize your own style of bidet attachment with combining quality material, sophisticated equipment and skilled designers, engineers and workers perfectly. The whole custom process is as following:

Communicating Your Needs

As an experienced bidet attachment manufacturer, we will listen to you carefully and understand your needs exactly. Based on your budget, your unique requirements and your target customers and markets, our experts will provide professional advice and tips on design of bidet attachment and make your ideas as real products as possible. The following features of bidet attachments can be customized:

Communicating Your Needs Of Bidet Attachment
Customize Your Bidet Attachment

Drawing Structure of Bidet Attachment

Drawing Structure of Bidet Attachment

After confirming above features you want, our skilled designers and engineers will draw a sketch based on the bidet attachment look you prefer, while taking into account the following factors that may influence the user experience.

  • Meet all your features needs
  • Ergonomically designed and easy to operate
  • Strong and not easy to break, durable
  • Fit most toilets

Then our experts go to check the patents to see if anyone else has patented the same style. If not, they will draw product CAD and structure based on the sketch of your bidet attachment.

With CAD & structure drawing, we will create 3D printing sample to check if the product look is as your expect. When everything is confirmed OK, then we will go ahead next step for designing molds.

Designing Injection Molds

Creating correct mold designs is critical to customize bidet attachment success.

Our experienced engineers disassemble your bidet attachment structure rightly into how many sets of molds needed, to realize optimum performance, strength and cost-effectiveness and reduce the chance of bidet attachment parts production hiccups, cosmetic defects and other issues.

After finishing this, they will draw molds’ CAD and structure for different bidet attachment parts.

Designing Injection Molds

Developing Molds

Our seasoned mold engineers combine advanced equipment and high-quality steel material to develop accurate bidet attachment parts molds according to the CAD and structure drawing of molds.

We ensure the finished molds meet your needs with maximizing the lifecycle and durability of the molds while saving costs. This eliminates hindsight mold changes, and avoids wasted time & resources and delays in production.

Testing and Adjusting Molds

After developing molds of parts, our engineers will carry out molds trial for the first time and inspect the molds’ quality from the following aspects:

  • Check if the molds run well and whether there is shortage injection.
  • See if the parts’ surface, color and dimension achieving the required accuracy and tolerance.
  • Assemble the parts into a complete bidet attachment to inspect if it works properly and reaches the standards.

Then we will adjust and modify the molds according to the issues happened. And finally let the finished bidet attachment meet your requirements.

Toilet Bidet Attachment Parts

Mass Production

After confirming the pre-production samples, we can arrange mass production for your custom bidet attachment. And we conduct strictly quality control during the whole manufacturing process to bring you consistent quality bidet attachments as expected.

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