Installing a bidet attachment is so easy to add the washing and cleaning function to your bathroom plumbing fixture. You can DIY at home and complete the installation in about 30 minutes with few simple tools. We break down the installation process in 4 easy steps as the image showing.

  1. Remove the toilet seat on the top of your toilet bowl.
  2. Mount the bidet attachment to the toilet bowl.
  3. Connect the bidet attachment to your clean water supply with T-valve. (Regarding the warm water bidet attachment, it is necessary to connect it to the hot water line of the sink to achieve warm water.)
  4. Place the toilet seat back and use the nozzle to spray, wash and clean your butt.
Install bidet attachment in 4 easy steps

Your bidet attachment is installed after finishing the 4 easy steps. Now it’s time to enjoy the joy of toilet with comfortable and healthy washing way.

Please check the video to see how to install a bidet attachment with cold water.

Kindly check the video to know how to install a bidet attachment with warm water.

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