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  • Non electric Bidet LD2623
  • Non electric Bidet LD2623-2
  • Non electric Bidet LD2623-3
  • Non electric Bidet LD2623-6
  • Non electric Bidet LD2623-4
  • Best Bidet Attachment LD25M01 Accessories

Non-electric Bidet LD2623

  • Non-electric bidet

  • Water pressure control

  • Self-cleaning nozzle

  • Retractable single nozzle for rear wash

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01 Features of The Non-electric Bidet

  • Non-electric: Require no electricity or batteries to operate.

  • Adjustable water pressure: Easily customize the water pressure from soft to strong with adjustable knob.

  • Self-cleaning nozzle: The self-cleaning function allows you to run fresh water over nozzles after washing to keep it clean.

  • Retractable nozzle: Nozzle retracts behind guard gate while not in use to get extra protection.

  • Nozzle guard gate: It protects nozzles from splashback.

  • Rear wash: The nozzle angled towards the rear for a refreshing clean.

02 The Non-electric Bidet OEM & ODM Service

  • Color: You can customize whole pink, black, blue or other colors non-electric bidet. Or colored parts are also possible.

  • Logo: Your logo can be printed with proper methods.

  • Decoration cover(optional): The decoration cover can be customized with your logo.

  • Nameplate(optional): The nameplate can be designed with color, look and logo as you like.

  • Knob: Color and shape of knob can be customized, for example chrome plated knob, wood look knob.

  • Package: Neutral packaging or color box packaging, both are available.

03 How to Install the Non-electric Bidet?

Installing a bidet attachment is so easy to add the washing and cleaning function to your bathroom toilet. You can DIY at home and complete the installation in 4 easy steps within 30 minutes.

  1. Remove the toilet seat on the top of your toilet bowl.
  2. Mount the bidet attachment to the toilet bowl.
  3. Connect the bidet attachment to your clean water supply with T-valve.
  4. Place the toilet seat back and use the nozzle to spray, wash and clean your butt.
Install bidet attachment in 4 easy steps

04 What Toilet Does Non-electric Bidet Fit?

Elongated One piece Toilet
Elongated One piece Toilet (No Curve)

Round One Piece Toilet
Round One Piece Toilet (No Curve)

Two Piece Toilet
Two Piece Toilet

French Curve One Piece Toilet
French Curve One Piece Toilet

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