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Cold Water Bidet Attachment

Want to wholesale bidet with cheap price? You came the right place. We manufacture and supply superb washing performance non-electric bidets directly to wholesalers, brand owners and online sellers, etc.

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01 How to Use a Bidet Attachment?

It’s easier than you think to install and use a non-electric bidet attachment. Please check the video to get more details and learn how to use the fresh water bidet attachment (add-on bidet) for a cleaner butt properly.

02 Benefits of Using a Bidet Attachment

Using a bidet attachment to wash your nether regions can be more comfortable and effective than toilet paper. Not only bidet attachment is friendly to us, but also the environment. It changed our life. There are quite a few benefits to using a bidet attachment, including:

Bidet attachment is better than wiping

03 The Bidet Attachment Customized Service

  • Appearance: Any appearance and structure you prefer can be possibly achievable. Our bidet attachment manufacturing experts understand your thoughts well and make your ideas as real products as possible.

  • Size: Any size is available. But our experienced engineers supply the bidet attachment compatible with most one piece and two piece toilets.

  • Color: You can customize whole pink, black, blue or other colors toilet bidet attachments. Or colored parts are also possible, but the white bidet attachment gets the highest comments.

  • Logo: Your well-designed logo can be shown on your customized bidet attachment with proper methods, to build the trust and loyalty.

  • Decoration cover(optional): The decoration cover can be customized with your logo.

  • Nameplate(optional): The nameplate can be designed with color, look and logo as you like.

  • Knob: Color and shape of knob can be customized, for example chrome plated knob, wood look knob.

  • Package: Neutral packaging or personalized packaging of bidet attachment can be offered according to your requirements.

04 Why Whoelsale Bidet from Us?

05 Frequently Asked Questions Of Customizing Bidet Attachment

Can I schedule a tour of your factory?

Regarding Covid-19 pandemic is still existed, we support video calling for factory inspection in this special time.

Will I need to use toilet paper with bidet attachment?

The non-electric bidet attachment has no function of air dryer. So you will only need a few sheets paper to dry yourself.

How do you ensure the bidet attachment no water leakage?

Our bidet attachments are 100% inspected and tested for water leakage before packing.

What are your payment terms?

There are diversified payment options available. TT, LC, OA etc… are possible. But for new customers, we only accept TT deposit in advance to arrange the mass production.

Can I control the water temperature?

It depends. If it is a warm water bidet, then it has complete control over temperature. If it is only a cold water bidet, then you only can enjoy the fresh water.

How long does it usually take for me to receive the bidet attachment if I give you my design?

The most important step is to develop right mould for your bidet attachment design. Then test and improve the mold to manufacture pre-production sample. After confirming the pre-production sample, only need to prepare raw material, arrange mass production, inspect and pack your bidet attachments. It takes around 45 days for the whole process.

Does the MOQ exist if I want to show my personalized logo on the bidet attachments to my customers?

The MOQ is normal 100 units per design. If you want to customize your logo and packaging box, it is free to arrange when your quantity is over 500 pcs.

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