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“Stop wiping your butt, start washing with bidet.” The bidet is generally a butt rinser. As a cleaning product, it used to wash after defecation instead of traditional toilet paper wiping.

We all know that it will be cleaner to wash with water when hands are dirty, not to mention washing our butts with water. Washing is not only cleaner but also solves the pain caused by hemorrhoid patients using toilet paper to wipe. It is so convenient and save your money from buying less toilet paper. That’s why bidet is increasingly seeking by American consumers.

Today we will introduce you some reputable wholesale bidet companies in USA. The following ranks are in no particular order.

  • Company Type: Bidet Distributor and Retailers
  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Products: Bidets, Heated Toilet Seats, Air Purifiers, Water Filter Systems, Shower Filtration Products
Brondell Bidet

Founded in 2003 and backed by pioneering entrepreneurs David Samuel and Mark Cuban, Brondell Inc. is a privately held developer and distributor of innovative, high quality, eco-friendly home & bath products that foster a healthy, comfort-enhancing, and socially responsible lifestyle.

The Company’s inventive, modern designs bring high technology to the home, resulting in a new level of luxury and hygiene.

Through a blend of the latest technology and modern design has earned Brondell numerous awards. Past awards include Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) Best of KBIS Kitchen Silver Award, Electronic House Home Health Technology Product of the Year, Good Housekeeping VIP Award, Home Magazine Best American Building Products Award, and Wired Tools Top 100 Cool Gadgets.

  • Company Type: Bidet Retailers
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Products: Bidet Toilet Seats, Bidet Attachments, Travel Bidet, Bamboo Towels

Omigo is a fairly new company in the bidet industry. It is founded by father and son team Tom and Thomas Lotrecchiano to create a luxury toilet seat experience as the best way to bring a clean, green solution to the American people.

We found that Omigo bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments are almost same with Brondell products, except the control buttons are a little different. And checking the trademark of Omigo, we get that Omigo’s trademark owner is Brondell, Inc. So we have reason to believe that they belong to the same company.

  • Company Type: Bidet Wholesalers, Bidet Retailers
  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Location: Crystal Lake, Illinois
  • Products: Bidet Toilets, Bidet Seats, Bidet Attachments, Travel Bidet, Air Purifiers, Flow Faucets
Bio Bidet By Bemis

As a pioneer in bidet technology and design, Bio Bidet has spent more than a decade exploring and harnessing the significant environmental, hygienic, and practical benefits bidet toilet seats provide to U.S. households.

Bio Bidet’s visionary approach to product development, and its commitment to delivering products of exceptional quality and value, have transformed the bidet toilet seat from an uncommon luxury into a household necessity.

Bemis Manufacturing Company® acquired Bio Bidet® on December 29, 2020. Then Bio Bidet By Bemis was born.

With this acquisition, they are looking forward to pushing the boundaries of bidet and smart toilet seats to further enhance consumers’ hygiene, sustainability, and wellness together.

  • Company Type: Bidet Wholesalers, Bidet Retailers
  • Year Founded: 2008
  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Products: Bidet Attachments, Electronic Bidet, Portable Bidet, Handheld Bidet, Toilet Seat, Toilet Footstool, Toilet Scents
LUXE Bidet

LUXE Bidet was started as a direct result of a problem encountered by its founder Anjum Gupta. After purchasing a basic bidet for his parents’ bathroom, he found that there were many issues with it: unattractive design, low-quality fittings, substandard valves, and absent customer support.

In 2008, Dr. Gupta set out to fix the problem and LUXE Bidet was born.

Nowadays LUXE Bidet has become a leading bidet brand in America. They strive to make healthy home hygiene affordable & accessible to everyone and have served over 1 million customers nationwide.

  • Company Type: Bidet Retailers
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Location: New York, New York
  • Products: Bidet Attachments, Electric Bidet Seat, Toilet Stool, Toilet Brush, Toilet Stand, Travel Bidet, Bamboo Toilet Paper, Toilet Bum Towel

TUSHY is founded by Miki Agrawal in 2015. The company has a team of toilet crusaders, fighting for clean bums and reduced global wastefulness.

TUSHY is a fast-growing consumer brand that is radically changing how people think of and use the toilet. From bathroom innovations that improve health and reduce waste, to an unmatched customer experience, they are turning people bidet lovers and making pooping cool again.

  • Company Type: Bidet Wholesalers, Bidet Distributor, Bidet Retailers
  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Location: South El Monte, California
  • Products: Bidet Seats, Bidet Toilet Combo, Non-electric Bidets, Travel Bidets, Water Filters

As division of WebGerms Health, Inc., BidetKing is a wholesale bidet and retail bidet company.

It offers the best selection of bidet products with quality, reliability, and value on the market today. The brands they carry include Alpha Bidet, Bio Bidet, Brondell, Clean Sense Bidet, Drive Medical, Kohler, Novita Bidet, TOTO, USPA, and more.

BidetKing has its own warehouses so they can provide fast, personalized service for each and every order.

By providing high quality products at value prices with an unbeatable customer experience, they work hard to make your butt clean and happy.

  • Company Type: Bidet Wholesalers, Bidet Retailers
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Location: South El Monte, California
  • Products: Electric Bidet Seats, Non-electric Bidet Seat

As another brand of WebGerms Health, Inc. founded by James Lin, Alpha Bidet is committed to advancing modern hygiene with innovative bidet toilet seats.

Their bidet toilet seats are engineered with luxury quality and pure functionality. They are dedicated to elevate your hygiene with effective cleansing, slim design and luxury quality bidets.

  • Company Type: Bidet Wholesalers, Bidet Retailers
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Location: Houston, Texas
  • Products: Bidet Attachments, Portable Bidets
Boss Bidet

In 2014, when Ahmad Abuleil the founder of BossBidet was shopping around, he noticed majority of the bidet designs were unattractive, the functions seemed pointless and the quality was questionable. Then he launched BossBidet in 2015 aiming to make bidets the standard in every bathroom and help people feel clean, fresh, and confident.

BossBidet designed a sexiest art piece bidet called BossBidet Revolution in 2021. Unlike any toilet bidet attachment in the market, the Revolution features 3 cleaning modes with push button control. And it the only bidet to offer an auto shutoff feature for anti-flooding and sustainability.

To make their users lives easier, they are working daily towards making bidets the standard in every home and public bathroom around the world.

  • Company Type: Bidet Wholesalers, Bidet Retailers
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Location: San Jose, California
  • Products: Bidet Seats, Bidet Attachments, Handheld Bidet Sprayers
Aim to Wash Bidet

Aim to Wash specializes in creating affordable alternatives to Toilet Paper! They want to do their part in saving the environment. That’s why they decided to start a movement to end the use of toilet paper! Then Aim to Wash was born.

They strive to upgrade the existing toilet to a bidet and let people experience the true meaning of clean when it comes to bathroom hygiene.

  • Company Type: Bidet Distributor, Bidet Retailers
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Location: Montrose, California
  • Products: Bidet Toilet Seats, Non-Electric Bidets

In 2019 bidetsPLUS founder, Jensen Lee was rather impressed by using a bidet seat in his friend’s apartment overseas.

Once returning home to the U.S., he found that it is hard to get one, even couldn’t find a bidet at Walmart, Target, Home Depot or Lowes. So he built bidetsPLUS in March 2010 to educate people what a bidet seat is and the health benefits of using bidet seats.

We didn’t include some wholesale bidet companies below, because:

Toto is a Japan toilet products company.

Kohler has its brand Novita(Korea Bidet Manufacturer) to provide high quality bidets to the customers.

CleanSense Bidet

Galaxy Bidet

Infinity Bidet

NOVA Bidet


Clear Water Bidets

Wholesale Bidet Brands

Above six wholesale bidet brands are introduced by Hygiene For Health®. Their products are imported from Korea, then arrive at their warehouse near Seattle for distribution across North America.

If you are planning to start up your bidet business, then you came the right place. We are an experienced China wholesale bidet companies specializing in designing, producing and supplying Non-electric bidet toilet attachment, bidet toilet seat, portable bidet and toilet stool. For any questions, please send emails to marketing@abidet.com

Check our other post to get more details of bidet manufacturers in Korea:

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