Bidet attachment is a bathroom fixture installed between the toilet seat and existing toilet bowl. It is used for washing or cleaning yourself with water to get a more comfortable, effective and cleaner butt than toilet paper.

The bidet attachment has the same spray nozzle and control function as the bidet toilet seat. The user turns the knobs located on the attachment panel to control the water spray options from the nozzle or adjust the water pressure.

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How Does the Bidet Attachment Work?

Bidet Toilet Attachment Spray Nozzle

The bidet attachment realizes its function without any electricity or batteries, just powered by fresh water pressure.

When you turn the control knob or press the button, it will release the water from your home’s water pipe. Under the effect of water pressure, the nozzle will pop out from the guard gate, then water will be sprayed out to wash your butt from the holes on the nozzle.

When you turn knobs to the off position(It means not in use), then the nozzle will retract behind guard gate to get extra protection.

The Types of Bidet Attachment

There are normally two types of bidet toilet attachment, cold water bidet attachment(or fresh water bidet attachment) and warm water bidet attachment.

For cold water bidet attachment, there are two ways to achieve rear and feminine wash on same one bidet attachment.

One method is design retractable dual nozzles, one for posterior cleaning and another for feminine cleaning.(For example: Bio Bidet)

Bio Bidet Attachment with Two Nozzles
Tushy Bidet Attachment One Nozzle with Adjustable Angle

The other method is through only one retractable nozzle with adjustable angle function to change the cleaning area.(For example: Tushy Bidet)

Whichever you prefer, we can meet your bidet attachment custom requirements with skilled technology.

For warm water bidet attachment, it has to be connected to the hot and fresh water supply pipes to achieve the warm water, for example running a warm water line to your sink. Some people prefer the warm water option, as it could bring a more comfortable feeling.

Comparing with the electric bidet toilet seat, the bidet attachment lacks certain features such as heated seat or air dryer. But if you are looking for an affordable bidet with basic functions, then it is certainly a perfect choice.

We are an experienced manufacturer specializing in designing, producing and supplying Non-electric bidet attachment, bidet toilet seat, portable bidet, peri bottle, squatty potty and toilet stool. For any questions, please send emails to

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