The bidet toilet seat is a plumbing fixture attached on top of the toilet, replacing the existing toilet seat. A simple DIY connection to the toilet via the addition of a threaded tee pipe adapter delivers clean water to the bidet toilet seat.

It normally has two types, electric bidet toilet seat and non-electric bidet toilet seat.

For electric bidet toilet seat, it has a water heating system located within the seat itself that lets you control water temperature, for maximum comfort. Some also include advanced features like memory settings, remote controls, heated seats, and warm air dryers.

Bidet Toilet Seat TB2600-6

The non-electric bidet toilet seat is significantly less expensive, as without some fancy functions and connection to electricity. There are two types of non-electric bidet toilet seats. One that connects to the sink’s hot water pipe and clean water pipe to offer warm water. Another one only connects directly to the toilet’s clean water pipe. The 2nd bidet toilet seat is likely less expensive and easier to install, but the choice of water temperature is limited, only cold water available.

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