1- What is a Portable Bidet?

The portable bidet also known as travel bidet, is a small portable bottle with an extended or angled nozzle at the top for the spray function. There are normally two types: non-electric portable bidet or electric portable bidet.

Portable Bidet LW2450

The non-electric portable bidet is just a bottle combined with a tube and nozzle. You simply squeeze the bottle to achieve the spay water feature. Another type is a simpler add-on nozzle fixture, which you can screw on an existing plastic water bottle to get your own water volume.

The electric portable bidet is always a battery powered type. It relieves your hand pressure on squeezing bottle.

TOTO Personal portable handheld WASHLET

Portable bidet fits easily into your backpack, purse, suitcase, or car, and allows you enjoy the comfortable clean feeling when you travel. Specially, many mothers wash or clean her babies with the wonderful portable bidet.

2- Benefits of Using a Portable Bidet

Using a portable bidet to wash your nether regions can be more comfortable and effective than toilet paper. Not only portable bidet is friendly to us, but also the environment. It changed our life. There are quite a few benefits to using a portable bidet, including:

Portable Bidet is Better than Wiping

A. Cleaner Personal Hygiene: It is commonly known that portable bidet clean our bottom with water. Your hands don’t often come into close contact with fecal matter. It is better, cleaner, more hygienic and comfortable than simply wiping with quite so much toilet paper.

B. More Environmentally Friendly: Washing with a portable bidet means using far less toilet paper. Not only will you cut back on toilet paper use, but also you will save money from buying less toilet paper. Using a travel bidet makes at least 70% save on toilet paper. Less paper means more trees. So the potential environmental impact of it is huge.

C. Soft Baby Care: It is widely used for baby cleaning after the toilet and washing the bum when changing diapers. Save your baby wipes while save your money, and make a cleaner environment for your Children’s future.

D. Good for Travel: The portable bidet can be used by anyone who wishes to maintain superior personal hygiene wherever they go. It is small & compact, completely portable and simple to use when you go camping, travel around to help you feel fresh and clean.

E. Affordable to Use: The portable bidet tends to be cheaper compared with bidet attachment or bidet toilet seat. It is simpler to travel with since they don’t require charging, and you just squeeze the bottle and clean yourself.

F. Convenient for Woman: Using a portable bidet to clean up yourself is a pleasant way during your pregnancy, postpartum care, menstruation. It is more convenient, healthier and helpful to wash with gentle water stream for women’s daily personal hygiene than wipes.

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