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Manufacturing superior quality bidets & squatty potty and offering one-stop solutions for you.

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Our MOQ is normal 100 sets per design.

For bidet attachment, bidet toilet seat and squatty potty, when you want to customize your logo and packing box, it is free to arrange if quantity is over 500 sets.

Regarding portable bidet, the MOQ is 1000 pcs for free customizing logo and packing box.

Regarding Covid-19 pandemic is still existed, we support video calling for factory inspection in this special time.

There are diversified payment options available. TT, LC, OA etc… are possible. But for new customers, we only accept TT deposit in advance to arrange the mass production.

Definitely. The squatty potty gently raises your knees above your hips to mimic a natual squatting position. It help relax your puborectalis muscle more and straighten out your colon, making your bowel movements easier and more comfortable.
The squatty potty manufacturing cost include three parts.

A. Developing mold cost: Our skilled and experienced experts develop the right mold with the most reasonable methods to reduce the cost. The expected cost is around $25,000 to $40,000 according to your squatty potty size and structure.

B. Squatty potty production cost: It depends on the raw material used, size and structure of your squatty potty.

C. Shipping cost: As short of vessels and reduced lines, the shipping cost is quite high now. It is better to load as more squatty potty as possible to lower the average cost.

The most important step is to develop right mould for your bidet attachment design. Then test and improve the mold to manufacture pre-production sample. After confirming the pre-production sample, only need to prepare raw material, arrange mass production, inspect and pack your bidet attachments. It takes around 45 days for the whole process.

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