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Bidet Attachment Mass Production

To produce premium quality bidet attachment as expected, we control every step of manufacturing.

Bidet Attachment Manufacturing Process

Developing Mold
Injection Molding

01 Developing Mold

Mould Steel Material

Raw Material

Alpha selects various of mold steel to manufacture different parts of the mold according to the bidet attachments’ structure and property. We maximize the lifetime and durability of the mold while saving costs.

Mold Development Process

You can see the finished bidet attachment from CAD drawing after total 40~45 days.

  • Mold Quotation: Offer corresponding quotation according to CAD drawing of the product.

    Time required: 1 to 2 days.

  • Design The Mold: Disassemble and confirm how many sets of mold needed according to the product structure, and design the CAD drawing of the molds.

    Time required: 5 days.

  • Manufacture Mold Base And Core: book raw material mold steel, manufacture mold base and mold core processing according to the CAD drawing of the molds.

    Time required: 15 days.

  • Assemble The Mold: Assemble the mold core into the mold base.

    Time required: 5 days.

  • Trial Run And Adjust Mold: Trial run the mold for the first time to see whether it works well. Product parts fit right or not. Assembling parts into complete product to check it’s function well or not. Adjust and revise the mold accordingly.

    Time required: 15 days.

  • Mass production: Arrange official mass production of the products.

02 Injection Molding

Injection Pressure

The plasticizing pressure and injection pressure involved in the injection molding process should be controlled well, as they directly affect the plasticization of plastics and the quality of bidet attachments.

Injection Cycle

The injection time and cooling time are the most important in the whole injection molding process. they have a decisive impact on the quality of bidet attachments. Reasonable injection time helps to fill the plastic melt ideally, and is great to improve the surface quality of the product and reduce dimensional tolerances.

Injection Temperature

We need to control barrel temperature, nozzle temperature and mold temperature strictly. The first two temperatures mainly affect the plasticization and flow of plastics, while the last one mainly affects the flow and cooling. More importantly, the mold temperature has a great influence on the intrinsic properties and apparent quality of the products.

03 Assembling

Combine the internal and external parts together exactly to get a complete bidet attachment.

Internal Parts

Flow control valve, Temperature control valve (Only for warm water bidet attachment), PU hose (Optional), ABS pipe (Optional)

External Parts

Knobs, Upper body, Bottom body, Decoration cover (Optional), Nameplate, Spray nozzles, Angle control switch (Only for angle adjust types)

04 Testing

Before packing, we do various of test for the bidet attachment as following:

  • Water Coming Out Situation: Whether water coming out smoothly under fresh water pressure.

  • Knobs Operation: Whether the control knobs can be rotated rightly, and there is no stuck feeling when you turn it.

  • Cleaning Area: Select the maximum flushing mode to check whether the cleaning area is enough.
  • Flow Test: Adjust the flow valve to the maximum position to see whether the flow reaches the standard under different water pressures.
  • Nozzles’ Spray: testing under different water pressures, the nozzles’ spray has no bifurcation, obvious shaking spray and stuck problems, meanwhile the nozzle holes are not blocked.

  • Nozzles Retractable Performance: testing whether the nozzle extension and retraction time is meeting the standard under fixed water pressure.

  • Nozzle Self Cleaning: Mark 4 different places of the nozzle with a water-soluble marker. Activate the nozzle self-cleaning function to check if the marks can be completely cleaned.

  • Water Pressure Resistance: Testing under different water pressure, switch flow valve to off and keep for 5 minutes or adjust the valve to maximum position and continuous flushing for 5 minutes, the bidet attachment is no water leakage, deformation and other abnormalities.

  • Warm Water Resistance: Under a fixed water pressure, adjust the temperature valve to a specific outlet water temperature. Quickly switch the flow valve on and off for 80 times, then maintain water pressure for 30 minutes. Check the bidet attachment has no defects such as water seepage, water leakage, and cracked. There is no leakage and falling off of the T valve and braided stainless steel hose.

    *Note: Only for warm water bidet attachment

  • Lifetime Test: Sampling some bidet attachments, after simulating 75,000 times of actual use process, they have no water leakage. The nozzles extend and retract well, and the knobs have no stuck and abnormal sound.

  • Drop Test: Sampling some bidet attachments, 6 sides of them were dropped from a height of 0.5m, no parts fell off and no water leakage. They work fine as before the test.

05 Packaging

Design suitable inner and outer boxes according to the size and structure of the bidet attachment. Regarding the inner and outer boxes, they both can be neutral packaging or personalized color box packaging.

Firstly, pack the bidet attachment and accessories into 1 box. Secondly, put several boxes into 1 carton. And then load cartons into the 20ft or 40ft containers.

Bidet Attachment Accessories: T valve, Braided stainless steel hose, Gaskets

Enjoy The Joy Of Bidets

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