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Quality Control

To bring you consistent quality bidet attachments, we conduct strictly quality control in each step of manufacturing.

Quality Control Of Developing Mold

To ensure the parts’ dimensional accuracy and tolerance meeting the requirements, Alpha uses different sorts of sophisticated equipment to machining and manufacture bidet attachment molds.

Japan Makino CNC

Computer Numerical Control

  • Provide rigidity and agility for chatter-free cutting.
  • Meet tight-tolerance accuracies for bidet attachment parts.
  • Match complex 3D contoured geometry associated with bidet attachment.

Mitsubishi Electric EDM

Electrical Discharge Machining

  • Support various micro-fine machining needs in manufacturing bidet attachment molds with cost-efficient way.
  • Achieve the machining requirements expected for the size, shape and surface quality of the bidet attachment parts.

Japan Seibu WEDM

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

  • High-precision cutting steel as desired to get bidet attachment parts mold.
  • Give coating to the cutting surface to extend the lifetime of bidet attachment molds.

Quality Control In Injection Molding

Control injection cycle, pressure and temperature perfectly to get expected finish and dimension of the bidet attachments’ internal and external parts.

Inspection In Assembling For Consistent Quality

Skilled workers combine qualified parts rightly and carry out various inspection to get excellent and consistent quality bidet attachments.

Bidet Attachment Test

Explore Our Quality Bidet Attachments and Squatty Potty

Bidet Attachments

Non-electric bidet attachments for cold or warm water


Squatty Potty

Doctor-recommended squatty potty for your poop


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