Project Description

  • Poop Step Stool For Toilet DZ2202-2
  • Poop Step Stool For Toilet DZ2202

Step Stool for Toilet Squat DZ2202

  • 7″ height

  • Incredibly durable

  • Flat surface to put your feet

  • Large enough to let your feet fit comfortable

  • Easy to clean

  • Different colors available

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01 Features of Stool for Toilet

02 Stool for Toilet OEM & ODM Service

  • Height: 7” or 9” height can be customized.

  • Color: Any Pantone colors can be adjusted, but the white color is the most popular.

  • Logo: Your exquisite logo can be printed with proper methods.

  • Package: Neutral packaging or color box packaging

03 How to Install the Stool for Toilet?

Installation the stool for toilet is so easy. You can finish it at 30 seconds. You just need to insert one leg to the bottom of the stool, and place another leg into the other side as the image.

Get the full installation instruction
Install The Toilet Stool

04 How to Clean the Stool for Toilet?

You may want to know how to clean the exterior of the stool for toilet when you smudge it. As the toilet stool is smooth finish, you can clean it easily by using a smooth sponge or cloth with water.

Note: Do not use the following types when cleaning products: Hydrogen Chloride Detergent, Paint Thinner, Benzene Abrasive Paper, Polishing Agent, Bleach or Chlorine.
Clean The Toilet Stool

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