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  • Best Travel Bidet LZ2450
  • Best Travel Bidet LZ2450-1
  • Best Travel Bidet LZ2450-2
  • Best Travel Bidet LZ2450-3

Best Travel Bidet LZ2450

  • 450ml travel bidet

  • Straight nozzle with tap-in storage

  • Air lock pressure control

  • Easy to squeeze with one hand

  • Blue color design

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01 Features of The Best Travel Bidet

  • Non-electric: Require no batteries or charging to operate.

  • Large capacity: A large 450ml (15.2 fl oz.) capacity ensures a thorough and efficient clean.

  • Straight nozzle with tap-in storage: The unique easy-store nozzle can be easily tapped in the bottle for storage when you don’t need it. Keep travel bidet clean and convenient to carry.

  • Air lock pressure control: Air lock located at the bottom to prevent unwanted leakage, and bring your a consistent spray with easier water pressure control.

  • Easy to squssze: Handheld ergonomic design, easily squeeze the bottle with one hand for your preferred water pressure.

02 The Best Travel Bidet OEM & ODM Service

  • Color: The colors of bottle, spray head and nozzle can be different. You can adjust and combine your unique colors.

  • Capacity: Varies of capacity can be customized, such as 300ml, 380ml, 450ml, etc.

  • Logo: Your logo can be printed with proper methods.

  • Package: Neutral packaging, color box packaging or hanging package can be offered according to your requirements.

03 How to Use Travel Bidet?

Fill the bottle
1- Fill the bottle with clean or warm water.
Turn the bottle upside down and adjust the nozzle
2- Turn the bottle upside down and adjust the nozzle to where it needs to be cleaned.
Squeeze the bottle
3- Squeeze the bottle to get your perfect and comfortable washing.
Female use
4- Female use (from the front).
Male use
5- Male use (from the back).
Baby cleaning
6- Baby cleaning (use straight nozzle).

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